Aquarium Service

Let's get you scheduled for an aquarium service!  

Aquaticbox is a licensed and insured, and we are available to provide monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly services to your freshwater, live planted freshwater, saltwater, or reef aquarium systems. 

We can order, deliver, and acclimate new livestock to your aquarium. Food for your livestock can also be delivered. 

If you would like a custom set-up for your office or home, contact Aquaticbox, we will do that! If you have an existing aquarium that needs equipment upgrades, more life, activity, color and decoration design, we can't wait to get the process started for you! 

If you have a system already going that you maintain yourself, but have fallen behind on its scheduled maintenance.... Call Aquaticbox, we will take care of you! Aquaticbox will come to you and your tank for a free consultation and estimate.