Version 1.5

180g saltwater aquarium with rockscape of lace rock and loose coral decoration.  Cabinetry is cherry stained alderwood.

This tank over the past 5 years has had a few different looks, from large hard coral fossils to a lace rockscape packed with colorful coral decoration, to a thinned simple style for the growing fish, and now to the look you see now below.  The next step for this tank may likely be custom coral reef inserts, similar to the 75g tank featured further down on this page.

Insert Tank Here

75g aquarium with a removable 3 piece custom coral reef insert enclosed in cherry wood cabinetry.  Custom reef inserts allow so much more color and shapes, nooks and caves to be included in the aquascape of aquariums today.  More importantly, the fish definately appreciate it!

Take Your Time

220g aquarium with lace rockscape and loose coral decoration.

This client was very patient in making his decision on the type of fish tank to add, and its location in his home.  There were some obvious spots, but there were also some locations that were creative which led to some research on those possible locations.  From the tank going into another room (too much light), to being a cylinder that fit in the concave build of their stairway (more support under the raised foundation), the build found a home in a space on the wall which could have been made for library shevling, fine china, or trophys.  It was a perfect fit for an aquaticbox!